Sell Commercial Real Estate

Looking to Sell a Commercial Property?

With a team of experienced professionals, we have a deep understanding of the Central Illinois market and will guide you through every step of the disposition process. Prior to bringing the property to
market, we will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the current market value range. This will help you make informed decisions throughout the selling process. Then we’ll build our custom marketing plan to best position the property on the market. With our local presence, prospect databases, and national marketing partnerships, our goal is to deliver and negotiate a successful offer in a timely manner.

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Consult with a Broker

Meeting with a broker on our team as early as possible is always a wise choice. It’s never too early to start planning if there’s even a possibility of needing to sell. Our team members will not only provide market trends but can also deliver valuable strategies to implement which will increase the property’s performance, ultimately helping achieve a stronger value.

Offering Memorandum and Data Room

When selling a commercial real estate asset it is important to have all property and financial information gathered and organized. Once a serious buyer is identified, it's crucial to have all facts upfront allowing the buyer to arrive at a positive investment decision and submit a tangible offer in a timely manner. Our team works diligently to prepare an in-depth offering memorandum and confidential data room to make a seamless pre-diligence process. Once our marketing plan is complete, we bring the property to the market and commence conversations with prospective buyers.

Negotiations and Settlement

Our real estate advisors are experienced and trained in Commercial Real Estate negotiation techniques. We strive to understand key stakeholder motivations, help analyze opportunity costs, and enable both parties to reach a mutually accepted deal. Our team stays involved throughout the transaction in legal review, due diligence, and final settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Setting the correct listing price requires a thorough assessment of market conditions, comparable property sales, and analysis of performance of the property. Consulting with a commercial real estate broker is a must. The broker can provide a Broker Price Opinion report, which similar to an appraisal, will establish a value range that the real estate market will support.

Yes. Gathering all historical and relevant property information is the first step. Second, there are often varying levels that can be taken to improve the position of the property. This can either be completing a physical improvement or making a lease decision that will positively affect the operation income of the property.

The time it takes to sell a commercial property can vary greatly depending on market conditions, location, asset class, capital markets, and other factors. While some properties may sell quickly, others may take longer to find the right user or qualified investor. Working with a team of skilled brokers can help you navigate the real estate disposition process more efficiently.

Our commercial real estate advisors have had the opportunity to assist in selling hundreds of commercial property transactions in Central Illinois. Our clients range from individual investors, family portfolios, small businesses, and fortune 50 companies. Our team collaborates with national brokers and cooperates with other licensed professionals to produce real results for our clients.