Lease Commercial Real Estate

Looking for Assistance with Leasing Commercial Property?

We help new and established businesses lease commercial real estate. With years of experience in the field and a deep knowledge of the local market, Main Place Properties can help find the perfect location for your business.  We work with your key personnel in identifying business goals in relationship to your real estate needs.  This includes analysis of size and location requirements, in addition to occupancy costs.  From there, we can provide access to a range of properties that meet the search criteria, giving you options to make an informed decision.  Additionally, Main Place Properties will fully help with negotiations and landlord correspondence from the initial lease proposal to the possession date.


Steps to Leasing Commercial Real Estate

Consult with a Broker

Identify Location and Space Requirments

Market Surveys and Property Tours

Negotiate Lease Terms

Frequently Asked Questions

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In the commercial real estate industry, lease terms can vary; however, the typical range is between three to ten years. The duration of a commercial lease is negotiable between the tenant and the landlord, based on their specific needs and preferences.

Lease terms and rates are often negotiable. In order to achieve optimal success in the lease space it’s
important that Lessee’s and Lessor’s work together to ensure both parties have incentives to build a
long term relationship.

Tenant improvements (TI) in commercial real estate refer to customized modifications or build-outs made to adapt the leased space to the specific needs of the tenant’s business. The responsibility for tenant improvements is typically negotiated between the tenant and the landlord, outlining the scope of the improvements and the party responsible for funding and overseeing the construction or renovations.

Common Area Maintenance (CAM) in commercial real estate are the costs associated with maintaining
and operating shared areas within a property. These expenses may cover services such as landscaping,
parking lot maintenance, security, and common area utilities, ensuring a well-maintained environment
for all tenants.

An acronym that stands for Triple Net Lease. This form of lease agreement is almost always
related to a commercial property referring to base lease rate and additional rent that covers the
properties operating expenses including property taxes, insurance, and common area

Terminating a commercial real estate lease before its expiration can have financial and legal
implications. It is essential to review the lease agreement carefully to understand the specific terms and
conditions regarding early termination.